Thursday, November 29, 2012

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

statement 2

I have no other aims than to be myself, to retreat into a silent inwardness that is reflected in our day-to-day presence in the world around us. To observe, act and gather together, these are the three phases of an economy of interiorization.
I work in specific contexts attempting to remove myself from the domain of single authorship, absorbing the influences and changes generated by meetings, relationships, experiences and actions. The ideal transforms and becomes reality.
A jagged reality that is composed of concrete forms, of solidified protuberances resting on a network created by the relationships between the elements themselves
The artwork is the residue of a daily process of life and contemplation. The breath of Duchamp (1) that materialises through our daily experience, freed from all other than that of vital necessity. An art that is not interested in politics but which is permeated by politics, an art which looks towards the possibility of collective construction considering cultural value as the value of the work itself.
I barter imagination for a free political act.

(1) I don't think that the work i've done can have any social importance whatsoever in the future. Therefore if you wish my art be that of living: each second, each breath is a work which is inscribed nowhere, which is neither visual nor cerebral. it's a sort of constant euphoria.”
[From Interview with Marcel Duchamp,pg. …, Pierre Cabanne, ed. …]

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